"Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened..."
    - Buddha

    Empowerment of People with Special Needs

    Social and economic exclusion of people with special needs does not affect the individual alone, but results in a high economic dependency on family members, relatives or government. Special services for people with special needs are expensive. Day-to-day caring needs of a people with special needs may hinder employment opportunities of the care takers, thus leading to a loss of potential family income. Likewise, due to the combination of ignorance, discrimination, exclusion from education and inaccessible environments, people with special needs face enormous barriers to employment opportunities. This is not only a negation of people with special needs rights, but is also a perpetuation of the vulnerability and poverty cycle.

    Economic empowerment of people with special needs is not just about providing employment for people with special needs, but addressing other issues that amplify the cycle of disability, poverty and exclusion. At local levels, we work with governments, local partners and communities to enable:

    • Capacity building of organizations that represent people with special needs to advocate for the rights and inclusion of people with special needs, especially for women with special needs.
    • Access to formal and non-formal education systems as well as vocational training schemes to increase the educational and qualification levels of people with special needs.
    • Involvement of people with special needs and their families within income generation activities and small loan schemes.
    • Awareness raising and lobbying of employers to support them to adapt their working policies, practices and environments to include disabled people.
    • Improvement of the economic efficiency of rehabilitation services and networks.
    • To Serve the children with special needs and promote their full development, irrespective of race, caste, creed and community.
    • To train these children in the practical activities of daily living and help them become useful citizens.
    • To provide a home for unwanted or destitute children who have special needs.
    • To train personnel for services to children with special needs.

    In addition, Foundation has been involved in following efforts

    • The Foundation worked with the Red Cross Society to supply aid equipment to the physically challenged in rural areas and economically weaker sections of society.
    • The Foundation offers monetary aid to the Divine Life Society, which is based in the Himalayas. The Society helps senior citizens and destitutes, often picking them up from the street and looking after them with the help of volunteers, some of whom are foreign tourists in the region.
    • The Foundation has offered monetary aid to Blind People Association, Gujrat, Anga Karunya Kendra, Karnataka, Association for Rural Development & Action Research, Andhra Pradesh, Amar Seva Sangram, Tamil Nadu to rehabilitate and empowered disabled.

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