"We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop..."
    - Mother Teresa

    Grants Program

    • Expedien Foundation supports health, humanitarian and educational projects worldwide. General grants are given specifically in the areas of Disabled Empowerment, Healthcare, and education.
    • We are not able to fund individuals, capital campaigns, for-profit organizations, or film projects.
    • We do not accept unsolicited proposals or materials. If you have been invited by the Expedien Foundation to submit a proposal, the following information must be included:
    • Application Cover Sheet

    Organization Information:

    • Please provide 501(c)(3) verification, information on past projects, previous grants, and brief qualifications of involved personnel

    Program Information:

    • Please provide a statement of proposed project.
    • Describe activities and timeline for requested support.
    • Outline program phases from beginning to end.
    • Provide evidence of the need and value of your program.
    • Describe how your short-term objectives relate to your long-term vision.
    • Illustrate the geographic area and population to be served.
    • Decribe how you would like the Expedien Foundation to measure your success.

    Financial Information:

    • Provide funding plan/cash flow for project; identify key sources of support and indicate whether funds are received or pending
    • Provide current organizational and project operating budget
    • Include prior year's financial statement, preferably audited
    • If your Organization received a grant from the Expedien Foundation in previous years, a final report must precede or accompany the new letter of inquiry or proposal renewal.

    Please do not submit a proposal until invited by the Expedien Foundation. A mailing address for proposal submission will be given at time of invitation.

    Contact Us

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    Email: info@expedienfoundation.org

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