"Developing good fitness now for the future..."

    What We Believe

    It's very important for people of all ages to live a healthy and active life style. Too often a lot of people are either discouraged from activity because they think it's too hard or difficult to become fit. It is our mission to help people realize their true fitness potential through fun and exercise!

    Helping people live healthy lives for their future

    Having people learn the importance of exercise and fitness will help them in their present and their future. Our goal for working with each person is to develop an exercise plan to fit their strengths and interests and to provide the maximum amout of individualized attention to help those persons who need extra assistance when it comes to athletics or just to keep fit. This Program doesn't intend to replace coaches, adaptive physical education teachers, occupational or physical therapists, but our teachers will use their experiences working in the special education field as an aide and a teacher to help the people who need more physical activity in their lives.

    Services that are offered:

    1. Individualized work out sessions

    Each person will have 45 minutes of an individualized work out session that our staff will develop along with the student in order to establish a routine that they will enjoy doing.

    2. In house services

    Our teacher will come to your home and work with your child in comfortable and familiar surroundings.

    3. Work out calendar

    Once your child becomes used to our workout routine, we will together devise a workout calendar so that your child can have an active lifestyle outside of our sessions.

    4. Low cost tax deductible donations

    This is a low cost service. We only ask that you donate to the foundation for these services, if you can and that you buy equipment for your child as needed that will stay with your child!


    Contact Us

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    Tel: (713) 840-6090 x 16490
    Email: info@expedienfoundation.org

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